A supportive & uplifting community of incredible humans.

- Entrepreneurs, Founders, Business Owners & SMEs -

This Private Members Business Lounge brings together a community of
inspiring Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

Let's face it. Leading a business can be lonely. After what the world has faced over the past 18 months, connection feels more important than ever!

You want to build real, lasting relationships. Relationships that in time create opportunities. But most of all you want to feel part of something meaningful, be around like minded people; safe and included enough to share your worries, challenges and ideas. And empowered enough to share your expertise and wins. You want access to specialists and experts to get direction and answers to your questions in real time when you are stuck.

PLUS, you want MORE fun and MORE connection!

Whether you are already along your journey or taking that first step; The Business Leaders Lounge has got your back!

JOIN for £47 per month (we will never increase your rate!) 

Craving connection & to expand your network?

Would love mentoring and support - but it's out of your budget?

Know you need access to knowledge, expertise & inspiration?

Love to attend more in person events & days out?

Keen to surround yourself with the RIGHT people?

A Supportive & Inspiring Private Members Community

I have been a member of the lounge for a year now.  I get a lot of value out of the monthly meetings, not only by speaking to Leigh but most importantly speaking and listening to other members.  Everyone has a different approach, ideas and speciality and that is the very reason why this group works wonders!  Leigh always checks with the members about the kind of support they need and makes sure it is received.  She keeps us going through tough times and always encourages to do better. 

— Kinga Parker - CEO. Outlet Residential Ltd -

Who you hang around with matters ALOT.

Business Leadership isn't the easy path. Throw in a global pandemic and your resilience testing is off the scale!

Now more than ever, having like-minded people around you who support you and get this business malarky is a big deal.

But, joining a group programme or a mastermind right now isn't an option for you. SO, what do you do?

The lounge is a private, supportive community that gives ALL business leaders support they can afford.

We believe that business shouldn't be lonely and everyone deserves an opportunity to get the help they need.

Our USP = We care. We are small enough to get to know you and your business; we hold strong values, a genuine sense of community and high levels of support.

You up for the ride?

I met Leigh at a networking event and immediately thought, I want to work with her!  I joined the lounge when I was in the process of starting my new business and the support I’ve received since joining has been invaluable whilst also being cost-effective. Monthly support calls and lives as well as various prompts have helped me get clarity of what I want to do and where I want to go - it’s been priceless to me!

- Anna Watson - Business Improvement Consultant -

The support YOU need

  • Connect & build solid relationships in a safe, stretching, supportive space
  • A mix of online and in person. You choose what you access and put in your diary
  • Quarterly in person 'Space to Connect' 2 hour members meet up
  • Monthly online drop in group 'mini mastermind' support call; confront your challenges, troubleshoot, lean in and connect with others 
  • Monthly online co-working
  • Accountability for your goals
  • Members Directory & Expertise Sharing
  • Members only discounts & days out
  • Annual Strategy Day (restrictions apply)
  • Extensive and growing library of over 70 trainings with key topics, resources & tools to grow your business
  • Mentors & Guest Speakers with the expertise YOU need when you need it
  • Easy access to trainings in your own private members area (access on the go from your phone!)
  • Direct access to Leigh Howes - Business Leadership & Performance Coach & her network

I have loved having full access to the training library on every topic possible to help your business grow, and dipping in and out when I need to is great.

There is also a facebook group and a monthly support call so you never feel on your own.  Leigh just keeps giving and has so many experts coming in, providing specific training so you are always learning from the best of the best.

If there is something you need or an area not covered Leigh will go above and beyond to make sure you are catered for and you never feel like you are on your own. 

The Lounge does exactly what it says on the tin and it's great to have a safe group.  Whatever Leigh has to offer and where ever she is showing up, I try and be there (and suggest you do the same) as I know she always gives such incredible value, has such a good insight and always puts her clients first. 

The lounge is like a little family and having access to it has helped my business go from strength to strength

— Natalie Gladstone. Founder & CEO. Gladstone Design -

Set yourself up for success (not overwhelm!)

  • Benefit from in REAL life connection alongside virtual support
  • Build REAL relationships & create AWESOME opportunities
  • Lean in on support and share your own expertise
  • From people in the real world, with real business experience
  • Get access to a qualified coach and business partner without the price tag!
  • NO tie-in

Why join?

You are the sum of those you spend the most amount of time with. Why not choose a supportive and inspiring community around you!? Surround yourself with like-minded ambitious business leaders, recreate those water cooler moments and chats in the tea room whilst having the support, network, development & guidance to develop yourself and your business.

Alongside your private facebook community, what do you specifically get for your investment?


Monthly Mini Mastermind Call

Get direct access to Leigh, Business Leadership & Performance Coach each month. Jump on a group zoom call at the start of each month with your fellow members to get your 'mini' mastermind - Jeep Bonnet Style Call. Here is where you can get Leigh's eyes and solutions to your business challenges whilst accessing other members expertise and sharing yours with those that need it too. Plus our resident HR Expert, Sally Beckford will be on hand to help problem solve any of your team issues that may be keeping you stuck too.


Space to Connect
(aka In Person Meet Ups!)

YES!! You heard me right. Providing COVID doesn't put a spanner in the works, you get to actually meet your fellow members in REAL life at least each quarter (with further opportunities for out of work fun!) Space to Connect is for you to come together over a hot cup of whatever you choose and build those all important relationships and connect with each other in person. If you choose to stay for longer than we host and do lunch/dinner/drinks with your colleagues (who will fast become your business buddies) then the world is your oyster!


Training & Resource Library

We have an evolving & comprensive library of over 60 trainings on a range of topics; including business basics, financials, personal branding, sales, marketing, social media, tech (the list goes on!) The library includes workshops, bite size teach, templates & documents to help you develop your business. As you tell us you need, we will dive into our little black book and bring in additional experts to supplement your learning too.


Coffee & Co-Working

Here at BLL we are huge advocates that building relationships are integral to doing business but your work needs to get done too. Coffee & Co-working is an opportunity to co-work virtually and grab yourself an important strategic CEO Day or dive in and get a HEAP of your day job done! It also helps drive accountability and further build relationships whilst clearing that growing to do list!


Members Showcase & Directory

Share your business into the directory PLUS get regular opportunities to showcase your brilliance, so that others can discover your zone of genius and refer business your way.

Annual & Loyalty Bonus

If you take up the annual members option, you will get 12 months for the price of 10!


If you purchase the annual members option OR build up more than 1 year of being with us, you will be invited to attend a Q4 Planning Day with the opportunity to get Leigh's eyes on YOUR business and strategy.

"Leigh is keen to ensure that all of the training and information in The Lounge is relevant so that you are empowered and equipped with the knowledge and skills to move your business forward."

"The knowledge stored and shared on here is beyond words! For anyone struggling or looking for additional learnings that would help them in running their business smoothly, this is extremely beneficial."

The Business Leaders Lounge Philosophy

We passionately believe that relationships create meaningful connection and opportunity.
The Lounge holds space for this to naturally occur for its members.

We believe all business leaders, regardless of size & cash flow should have access to this community and support.

We believe that this support should help you move forward. Not overwhelm you.

We believe in giving access to the knowledge you need easily; in a way that works for YOU.

We believe in harnessing as much knowledge & skills as we can from our members because they are the experts and get the REAL challenges of running a small business.

We believe in holding a space that enables you to concentrate on business YOUR way.

Together we BUILD the community. Every member is invited to bring a business guest to our in person events and is recognised for their input. The community will NEVER go past 100 members, so we can keep our connections and support accessible to ALL. We build the community that will work well TOGETHER.

The Lounge is great and gives me access to a library of expert video trainings and other useful resources for a very reasonable price.

With Leigh's support and encouragement I have made great leaps in my online presence and in my online business. She has spurred me on to be bold and brave in my decisions and her weekly emails both support and challenge me to push myself harder. 

Other privileges are that you get to attend a Zoom question and answer session every month and have the opportunity to watch LIVE trainings from guest experts as well as Leigh herself.

Over recent months I have started and grown a Facebook group for my business and I  go LIVE in it every week, I have signed up many new global online music students and gained many supporters of my Facebook and Instagram business pages. I have taken myself out of my comfort zone and given guest interviews in other people's business Facebook groups and pitched my business in online networking meetings. Leigh has helped me in all these areas. We both share the value of 'honesty' in business and life.

If you are considering joining, I highly recommend it as it can really propel you on your business journey and fill you with confidence.

Thank you Leigh, I am excited to be continuing to work with you and learning more from you.

— Emma Nottage. Founder. Musical Diamond -


Hey there, I’m Leigh - Founder of The Business Leaders Lounge 

I’m a qualified executive coach with over 20 years observing, partnering and advising business leaders, founders and function heads. Over this time I have recruited and cultivated hundreds of leadership pipelines. .

I’m ridiculously passionate about holding a space for business owners to build important relationships as they navigate their journey and develop themselves as leaders. Many of my clients are keen to carve out a fully aligned business model that they lead their way. One that enables them to bring their best self forward and leverage their strengths and do more of what they love. Surrounding themselves with a support team that enables them to focus on what they do best and get back the gift of time. Ultimately, my aim is to get business owners embracing their role as CEO; with better, more streamlined structures, processes and team support in place that enable them to lay foundations and scale. Becoming more accountable to their goals and supporting them to uplevel their performance to the next level.

I have an insane eye for human behaviour and am a little obsessed with leadership and business. Whilst I’m super supportive and passionate about holding a space that encourages and motivates, I do hold my clients accountable to their actions and am not one to hold back on giving a bit of tough love either. One client said I was like an invisible crutch on her journey of development and I’ve been compared over the years to Wendy Rhoades from Billions (well worth a google!;-)

And above all else, I love to help you get the connections and support you need to navigate where you REALLY want to be.

That is why I created this lounge. It is the support I wish I'd had; but couldn't afford when I needed it. I don't want another business owner to feel alone and not fulfill their potential. I truly believe that opportunities come when we take the time to connect and build relationships and equally when we when we stop learning, we stop growing.

I'd love to welcome YOU into The Business Leaders Lounge TODAY.

If you need to get focused and start taking action in your business, then I highly recommend The Business Leaders Lounge. I have been part of the group for a couple of months now and already I have had big results. I know this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t have been held accountable by Leigh and the other group members. I’m excited for the rest of my journey in the lounge and where it will take my business.

- Emma Rowley - Virtual Assistant Mentor -

Your Investment in YOU...

All members access:-

  • Monthly Mini Mastermind (group call) - Get direct access and mentoring support from Leigh
  • Monthly Coffee & Co-Working - Get accountable and get work done alongside your colleagues
  • Space to Connect - Quarterly in person Coffee Meet Ups
  • Members Directory & Showcase - List your Business & Showcase your expertise
  • Training Library - Access on your phone, tablet or laptop, with new training as needed
  • Community - hang out with other brilliant humans who all want to connect and grow their businesses

Standard Private Members Lounge

  • Just £47 a month - the lifetime cost will never increase
  • No Risk! - No tie in, cancel any time



Annual Private Members Lounge

  • Get 2 months free if you sign up for Annual subscription
  • BONUS of the Annual Planning Day which will be held in November
  • No Risk! - No tie in, cancel any time

£470 per year

Your Investment In YOU...
All members access:-

  • Monthly Mini Mastermind (group call) - Get direct access and mentoring support from Leigh
  • Monthly Coffee & Co-Working - Get accountable and get work done alongside your colleagues
  • Space to Connect - Quarterly in person Coffee Meet Ups
  • Members Directory & Showcase - List your Business & Showcase your expertise
  • Training Library - Access on your phone, tablet or laptop, with new training as needed
  • Community - hang out with other brilliant humans who all want to connect and grow their businesses

Monthly Lounge Member

  • Just £47 a month - the lifetime cost will never increase
  • No Risk! - No tie in, cancel any time



Annual Lounge Member

  • Get 2 months free if you sign up for The Annual Lounge Member
  • BONUS of the Planning Day which will be held in November
  • No Risk! - No tie in, cancel any time



How long is the members lounge for?

As long as you would like to stay.  The price you join at will never increase for the duration you are a member.  There is no tie in, you can leave at any point.  Please note that if you pay for the annual private members lounge, this cannot be refunded. 

Can I bring my challenges and questions to the Mini Mastermind Call?

Absolutely!   It is a great way to lean in, work through an issue – our members especially love these calls. So, get the dates locked in your diary! 

What are the dates for the in person quarterly meet ups and coffee and co-working?

As soon as you sign up to join, you will receive a welcome email which will include all of the dates for 2022 for you to get locked into your diary. Where you cannot join in, don't panic, there will be plenty of opportunity to meet your fellow members.

What if I cannot attend a training that is given? 

We will only bring in training when our members tell us they need it. We don't want to encourage over consuming of information. When we do bring someone in, the majority of the sessions will be held live and recorded. All recordings and resources are then uploaded and stored in your private members area to access at a time that suits you.

How do I pay and cancel? 

When you join you have the choice between a monthly or annual payment which will be taken directly from the card you choose and automatically reoccur.   If you choose to cancel, simply email hello@leighhowes.com and our Client Experience Manager will arrange immediately.

Where is the community? 

Our calls are hosted on zoom and we have a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions at any point.

What training will I receive? 

Our experts are chosen to support you, your leadership, business development and performance.  They will be selected according to what we observe is required and what you tell us you need/want. 

Where are the resources and other trainings? 

They are stored in our private members area.  If you have difficulty finding/accessing, you can always contact our Client Experience Manager at hello@leighhowes.com and she will support you.

What you waiting for? Grab your seat now!

  • Monthly Mini Mastermind (group call) - Direct access & mentoring support from Leigh
  • Monthly Coffee & Co-Working - Get accountable & get work done with your colleagues
  • Space to Connect - Quarterly in person Coffee Meet Ups
  • Members Directory & Showcase - List your Business & Showcase your expertise
  • Training Library - Access on your phone, tablet or laptop, with new training as needed
  • Community - hang out with other brilliant humans who want to connect & grow their businesses
  • Join by 31st January 2021 and your £47 a month will NEVER increase!
  • Take the annual membership; get 2 months FREE & gain access to the Q4 Planning Day!

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