Feeling alone in your business?

Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

Miss having other people to bounce ideas off?

Know there’s SO much more you could do to grow?

Love sharing ideas, getting advice, finding solutions & being held accountable?  

How would it feel to have the power of others by your side to help you stay motivated, executing new ideas, exploring solutions and staying accountable to take MASSIVE action?!


Your Business Mentoring Group

Your very own board of directors. A collective sounding board. A safe, confidential and uplifting space where you can be 100% YOU. Your greatest cheerleaders; inspiring, and empowering you to step up as the leader of your business - YOUR way.

Like minded, dynamic business leaders by your side. Loyal, supportive, creative, encouraging - bringing fresh eyes to your challenges, becoming life long friends.

You will be encouraged to RISE, to RECOGNISE your accomplishments and IMPACT and most of all, you will feel enabled to step forward and up to where you ASPIRE to be.





That's right. Limited to no more than 9 other business leaders, giving your voice space and time to be heard. Relationships will form like no other - you will cherish these guys for life.


The power of a mastermind is the collective minds of others. Being able to explore with like minded leaders, who get and understand the challenges of leading and scaling a service based business and bring their own expertise to challenges that are unique to you.


Now is your time to step up, to stop playing small. Challenging you to become and start to think as a CEO of your business. Not only smashing goals, but growing yourself as a conscious leader with a team in the process. It really is your time to shine.


REALLY makes a difference.

The hidden magic is found in the informal chatting over a cuppa or a glass of wine. At lunch, over dinner, in the breaks.

You will have a minimum of 10 group meetings to build long lasting relationships.

At least 4 of these will be in person (COVID dependent) PLUS a 3 day retreat in November in the gorgeous Suffolk countryside in a converted barn, with our own private swimming pool, acres of space to roam and lots of food and drink to help build those all important relationships. All in person sessions will be a carefully chosen space that removes you from the everyday; giving you space to think and grow your vision.

Connection. Fun. Relationships.


"It has hands down been absolutely the best thing I have done for my business and has changed the way I think, feel and run my business. I don’t think I would be where I am today without it!"

- Natalie Gladstone Design

"This has been truly business and life changing for me. I have a business that is unrecognisable to just 5 months ago."

- Lindsey Cronin Executive Services

"Leigh is a fantastic coach and a real people person. I have really enjoyed being in her Mastermind, I have met some amazing people and generated some amazing business! Leigh goes above and beyond to make sure her clients get the support that they need and I'd recommend her services without hesitation!."

- Danny Young, Digital Marketing Strategist


  • You. Plus a small group of business leaders.
  • Time together each month to work ON your business (and not just in it).
  • Problem solving together.
  • In person time to get time for YOU, build important relationships and work 'ON' your business.
  • Celebrating each other's wins!
  • Strangers who will fast become your greatest cheerleaders and lifelong friends.

Leigh has such an amazing caring nature, puts together a perfect fit of people and always puts her masterminder’s first, going out of her way to see just what we need to make us shine. I simply love my group as they are just so supportive. Even though I work on my own it is like having work colleagues and great things happen when we are together. It’s so great to have their support and knowing that they are there no matter what. We celebrate our wins and share our downs – I always know they will be there to help me with a decision or advise me what to do.

If you are thinking of working with Leigh and joining one of her mastermind groups, grab it with open arms - you won’t regret it and your business is sure to thank you for it!.

Natalie Gladstone - Natalie Gladstone Design


You and a small, intimate group of business owners. 

Time together each month to work ON your business. 

Get on the famous Hot Seat and work through what is holding you back from your potential. 

Working through challenges, helping turn ideas into reality. Staying accountable to your goals.

Strangers who will fast become your greatest cheerleaders and lifelong friends.


Alongside your mastermind sessions, you also get complimentary access to my live, signature development programme and private online business membership lounge.


Get Set for Success is a development programme for business leaders. Its aim is to enable business owners to embrace their role as a leader and design a business model with products and services that align with your needs at the core. All masterminds get complimentary and lifetime access to the live teach, recordings & INCREDIBLE bonus experts who will blow your mind! Time to level up!


Each Mastermind Member gets COMPLIMENTARY membership to our private membership - The Business Leaders Growth Lounge.

This private members area provides monthly live expert training, a bulging library of training & resources, monthly support call, monthly networking call, access to a members directory, plus Q&A opportunities, and additional accountability 'action' intensive sessions too.


You will step up as a leader and structure your business to work for you

You WILL get you an amazing support network;

You will grow and scale both professionally and personally;

You will smash some BIG scary goals;

You will get greater insight, address the things slowing you down and get super accountable;

BUT....MOST of all, you should be pushing for more sales, increased profit, more customers and better metrics.

I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions and investments I have made. I loved it so much I signed up for another!  The mastermind was full of great business leaders who are making a difference in their industries.  They are wonderful mentors, cheerleaders and inspirational individuals. I love the relationships that I have made and know these will continue to grow and strengthen as we move forward.  

I look forward to our monthly meetings as I know it’s a safe space to learn, explore and develop my business and self. I always leave the mastermind feeling richer with knowledge and ideas, buzzing to put them into action. 

Think about whether you want to work with business leaders that are on your side, supporting you, cheering you on while you are developing/growing your business to be the business leader you've always dreamed.

Solutions HR


Leigh Howes is a professionally trained Executive Coach, Consultant, Advisor & Trainer to Business Leaders. With more than 20 years partnering with big leaders, including business partnering with a Fortune 500. She has advised function heads, board leaders and CEOs on leadership, performance and recruited and cultivated hundreds of leadership pipelines.

Leigh is ridiculously passionate about holding a space to help business leaders transform their performance and achieve the next level of potential ‘their’ way.

Her clients range from small business owners with aspirations to develop themselves as leaders of their business with a model and structure that works for them and enables them to scale; through to established high performing CEOs who need a confidential sounding board and coach in their corner to help them uplevel their performance

With an insane eye for leadership behaviour that drives high performance and a tad obsessed with everything business related, she is renown for holding one of the safest and supportive spaces around right now. One that encourages and empowers growth, gives a sounding board but equally includes some tough love where required. One client described her as an invisible crutch on this journey of development and she has been compared over the years to Wendy Rhoades from Billions (well worth a google!;-))

Leigh is a natural networker and a massive advocate of collaboration. Your Inner Circle is one of her favourite ways to work with her small business clients as it plays completely to her core strengths of building strong relationships, collaborating, connecting & developing people. Leigh has an innate ability to get to the root of a problem quickly and come up with innovative solutions to help take that all important step of action. Her famous 'Hot Seat' gives those in Your Inner Circle the chance to get insight, coaching and advice from not just Leigh, but the other members of their Inner Circle. This is the TRUE power of a Mastermind and Peer Mentoring. It really is an incredible way to move you forward in your journey of growth within a supportive and collaborative environment. 

Outside of work, Leigh is a wife to Grahame, a Mum to two small boys, Henry & Charlie and dog Poppy (a crazy cocker spaniel). She is an ex Cancer Warrior with first hand experience of finding inner strength and resilience when you need it most. She is a lover of the outdoors and is a massive advocate of getting business owners to step up and into far bigger leadership shoes to grow their performance. Equally, she encourages her clients to do it their way. That performance comes when we also make time for ourselves both physically & mentally. She will be quick to tell you that you cannot pour from an empty cup and you should absolutely fix your roof before it rains. Much of Leigh's teachings come from a place of experience alongside her own self development.

Down to earth, mega honest, quick at building relationships and super intuitive, Leigh brings a sense of fun to her working partnerships and knows when an arm around a shoulder or a gentle nudge is needed. She will stretch & cheerlead & become an invaluable partner on your journey of change and growth.  

At a time when running a business feels super-scary, Leigh is there for me every step of the way and I'm so grateful. She's giving me so much support in working out how to navigate this situation and how to adjust my business accordingly. I especially appreciate the holistic approach Leigh always take, encouraging me to prioritise my physical and emotional wellbeing in order to be well enough to show up in my business the way I want to. Any business owner in need of extra support right now should get in touch with Leigh."

Lizi Jackson-Barrett - Confidence Coach & Motivational Speaker

"I am so grateful for this lady coming into my life! I had reached a point in my business where I felt like a hamster on a wheel and had lost all focus, direction and passion. An intensive day with Leigh helped to refocus me on my goals, identify and leverage my strengths and reignite my passion. I gained so much from this that I chose to join one of Leigh’s mastermind groups and the ongoing support that I receive from Leigh and my fellow masterminders has proved invaluable to keeping me motivated and focussed. Highly recommended to all business owners out there. You need Leigh Howes in your life!!"

Samantha Strong - Strong Wills

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support myself and others have been receiving over the last 12 months and especially now in the current world crisis. Leigh is very selfless and always wants to make sure she reaches out to those in need. Speaking to her and our other masterminders gives me clarity and lots of ideas! I would definitely recommend Leigh and her programmes. If you are a business leader - working on your own or leading a team - it can be quite lonely... Group support is amazing and gives you the energy you need. I also found being accounted to other members is a great way to motivate me. Don't wait if you are thinking of signing up - you will wish you’d have done it sooner"

Kinga Parker - Outlet Residential Ltd

Kind Words


  • 12 months of masterminding October 2021 - September 2022
  • 10 Meetings - including 4 full days and a 3 day retreat
  • Voxer support between meetings
  • 5 1:1 sessions with Leigh


  • Strengths 360 Core Profiling Assessment & Training
  • Access to The Lounge
  • Access to Get Set for Success
  • Gifts and recognition along the journey