Are YOU ready to take your business to the next level?

Wish you could invest in group coaching or mentoring - but it's out of your budget right now.

You know you need fresh knowledge & inspiration - but it's always a battle for time.

Feel overwhelmed with all of the business 'gurus' & information out there - you just want help.

You'd love access to the RIGHT people, who can answer your questions & support you.

Welcome to YOUR SPACE
Members only Business Lounge & Library


Tools & support YOU need to grow this year....

  • Designed exclusively for small & independent business owners 
  • 100% online - access anytime, anywhere
  • At least one new Masterclass added to your library every month, with key topics, resources & tools to grow your business
  • Mentors & Guest Speakers with the expertise YOU need
  • Monthly group support call; confront your challenges, troubleshoot, lean in and connect with others 
  • Join an online community of supportive, like-minded business owners
  • Easy access in your own private members area
  • Direct access to & support from me, Your Space Founder - Leigh Howes

Set yourself up for success (not overwhelm!)

  • Practical learning to grow your business right now
  • From people in the real world, with real business experience
  • It's one step at a time - zero overwhelm (so the procrastination never kicks in!)
  • NO monthly tie-in; cancel any time

Monthly Masterclass

A new expert Masterclass every month. You'll be notified when it is uploaded into your library and you can watch in your own time and leave each class freshly inspired with new knowledge, tips & advice to grow your business. 

Marketing & Sales, Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets, Business Modelling, Goal Setting, PR, Branding & Messaging, Mindset, Cashflow, Digital Marketing, Social Media. Just some of the masterclasses you'll discover in your private library.

Questions and Advice

Ask questions in our weekly Q&A.

Get accountability and support to take action.

Need development and it isn't the library? We will tap into our network and get an expert in to help.

All to make sure you have ALL the knowledge & support you need to really push forward in your business.

Surround yourself with like-minded business owners

It is an old but true cliche; who you hang around with, matters ALOT. Surrounding yourself with ambitious, determined business leaders (just like you) has real power.

So, as well as the knowledge, advice & resources, you'll also be invited to join our monthly group support call. An incredible opportunity to get support & troubleshoot when you get stuck. You also are invited to become part of our Your Space Community in a private Facebook Group.

By exposing you to new ways of thinking, we combine the intellectual capital of individuals which leads to cross pollination and organic new business opportunities.

It's a safe 'virtual' space for you to lean in, know you are not on your own, chat with others, share your challenges, successes and get to know others on the same journey.

Your Space. Your Choice.

Your Space Philosophy

We believe all business leaders, regardless of size & cash flow should have access to affordable support.

We believe that support should help you move forward. Not overwhelm you and keep you feeling stuck.

We believe in giving access to knowledge easily; in one place, in a way that works for YOU.

We believe in harnessing knowledge & skills from experts who understand the REAL challenges of running a small business.

We believe in giving you time to concentrate on growing your business and doing more of what you LOVE.

Get REAL expert advice & teaching

YOUR SPACE was founded by me; Leigh Howes. I am a qualified Executive Coach & Consultant to Business Leaders


 It isn't just me who supports you. YOUR SPACE is full of teachings, knowledge & advice from a range of amazing experts .

Since opening our membership doors in September 2018, our library has grown exponentially. You'll get access to the full bank of resources, it is like having access to a five star panel of experts; there to support you as and when you need them on your business journey. We welcome feedback and if there is a topic you want covered, let us know. We will go out of our way to ensure you have the learnings and resources that you need to grow YOUR business.

Check out what is already in the library:

Fix Your Foundations Cashflow is one of the BIGGEST challenges for any business owner. Fix your Foundations is about aligning your core values; knowing who you serve and creating a clear business model that matches your financial goals - all of which are critical to ensure YOU don't get stuck on the cash flow roller coaster.

Marketing & Sales You HAVE to get great at Marketing & Sales if you want to grow your business. It's all about marketing yourself, building an audience & brand awareness and then converting prospects into leads and into paying clients. 

Branding & Message Who is your ideal client? Do you know? What problem do you solve? Does your branding & message reflect this? This is the one that catches most of us out and in Your Space, we'll help you through it.

You & YOUR Wellbeing We are nothing without our health (speaking from experience here..) Whether physical or mental wellbeing - it is so critical we treat ourselves with love. Meditation is going to be a hot topic in our members area. Let us help you close down those busy mind tabs.

Mindset Running a business is amazing. You get to go after the 'thing' that you are incredibly passionate about. However, it can be overwhelming, it can be scary, it can create all manner of fears. How do you keep going when you are feeling this way? You'll discover all the answers to set your mindset up for success.

Digital Marketing Do you know your cookie from your widget? Does SEO sound like something that makes you want to run and hide? Don't fear any longer. We have an incredible business we have partnered with who have so much to teach you here.

Social Media Who are you talking to? Where are they hanging out? Trying to be all things to all people on all platforms will crush you. See which platforms are best for your business and learn how to use them. FB, Insta, LinkedIn, Pinterest - we have you covered.

PR Learn HOW to publicise yourself. Get that award. Get featured in your dream magazine. Secure that speaking gig. Write that book. We have teamed up with an incredible entreupreuner who will blow your mind!

What do others say?

A one hour masterclass with Social Pip through Your Space gave me more insight into Instagram and the effective use of it than any other training I have done. The session was full of practical advice. The two specific takeaways I took from the session led to 3 enquiries and a converted sale. My return on investment from the session was tremendous!

Jerry Grieg, Fine Jewellery Expert & Gemmologist, Jerry Grieg Ltd

Leigh is keen to ensure that all of the training and information in Your Space is relevant so that you are empowered and equipped with the knowledge and skills to move your business forward.  

Guy Seewoosurrun, Founder of Origins of Beauty - Guilt Free Beauty & Wellbeing  

Your Space is as the name suggests - a little online space just for you. The knowledge stored and shared on here is beyond words! For anyone struggling or looking for additional learnings that would help them in running their business smoothly, I would say Your Space can be extremely beneficial.

You can log into it at your convenience and listen to a live session you may have missed. One of my personal favourites is the Fix Your Foundations Class. Highly recommend. Honestly, listening to Leigh is extremely therapeutic as you genuinely feel that she relates to you and is talking directly to YOU and YOUR business.

Mrinalini Raman Mathew - Founder & Director of Party Genie


Meet Your Space Founder - Me!

Honestly? I've had my ups and downs! But I've learnt a heap of skills and knowledge along the way. I have invested alot of time and money to learn from some very successful mentors how to run, build and develop a business. I've learnt how to help business owners like you with the things that slow you down.  

I am now a successful Strengths based Executive Coach, Consultant, Mentor & Advisor to Business Leaders and their teams. I started my business in 2012, following more than 15 years working with leaders of all shapes and sizes in a progressive corporate HR career within well known retail and hospitality brands, including Iceland, KFC & Pizza Hut.  

Outside of work, I 'm married to Grahame, Mum to two small boys, Henry & Charlie and crazy cocker spaniel, Poppy. I'm also an ex-cancer warrior (nothing like a major heath issue to make you discover how strong and resilient you are and to get a massive dose of perspective on what is most important.) 

I love the outdoors, I am an optimist. I'm obsessed with helping others to improve their performance and realise their potential; developing a business and stretching your comfort zones to improve BUT in a way that makes time for you both physically and mentally (again, nothing like cancer to make you realise just how important YOU are in your quest to perform better.)  

And above all else, I'd love to help you get to where you REALLY want to be.

That is why I created Your Space. It is the support I wish I'd had; but couldn't afford when I needed it. I don't want another business owner to feel alone and not fulfill their potential. I truly believe that when we stop learning, we stop growing.

I would love to welcome YOU into our Your Space Members Only Exclusive Lounge!  

Grab your seat now!

  •  Just £29 a month - your membership will never increase & no tie in
  • Access anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet or laptop
  •  Immediate access to your private library of Masterclasses, trainings & resources
  • Be part of a community of like-minded business owners
  • All to grow your business and get where you REALLY want to be this year!

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